Team Members

A white male from Omaha Nebraska  who packed up everything he had and moved to the city of dreams at a young age, become an elite club promoter and was handling some of the biggest celebrities in the world to get into his clubs. Enter bird and poof Boston happened. Shane’s life was changed forever. Enraged by the life in LA, Shane lost it all with an alcohol addiction that landed him sleeping on the streets. After some help and prayer he got help and is back to his normal brash  self today. Shane Powers has this idea to start a radio show and had some insight  from his best friend Chris and the rest is history!

Bio Chris Vanger is a modern day Renaissance man that you’d invite to your barbecue. His energy is contagious, and you can always count on him to do the right thing, and get the job done. Chris was born and raised in Southern California. He broke into Hollywood at an early age working for Movieline/Hollywood Life Magazine for 10 years, producing multiple Awards shows, Festival Events, and Movie Premieres, sponsorships, etc... you name it, Chris could do it. His work ethic is second to none, as well is his reliability. After Hollywood Life, Chris broke into the Digital World, and that my friends, is where he met Shane Powers. Working as Director of Branded Entertainment for a Digital Advertising Network, Chris was looking for podcasts to run on the network, and Shane had an idea for a really good one. The chemistry between Shane and Chris on air was clear, and it only made sense for these two to bring bring that chemistry, mixed with their views on the world to the Radio Airwaves, which would soon turn into the Podcast World. When he isn’t running his mouth in an argument with Shane Powers, Chris dedicates himself to his family’s restaurants, in Santa Monica, CA most notably Milo and Olive, thr best bakery in town, with the BEST pizza in the world!

Most famous for asking dj khaled if the drake vocals are in yet, DC grew up in the hood of LA being raised by his beautiful Abuelita. His love for music was unmatched, unlike any other. Since DC was young he knew he wanted a career in music. DJ’ing all throughout his early years, he met Shane and become a co producer and “worker of the board” for the Shane Show. After becoming a bad ass, he left dash as did the Shane Show and he got a gig at TuneIn. A well known radio station here in LA. He his currently head of Latin programming and the sky’s the limit for DC.

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